Here’s what you need to know about Boston schools reopening

As coronavirus rates continue to grow across the country, Massachusetts has introduced new restrictions regarding travel and isolation. However, a recent spike in cases has many worried about what will happen when schools are due to reopen in the fall. Here’s everything we know so far. While plans depend on the school district in question, Boston Public Schools will likely take on a hybrid model — there are all-remote and all-in-person contingency [...]

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Here’s what you need to know about Massachusetts’ new coronavirus travel rules

As COVID-19 rates continue to soar across the country, Massachusetts has seen relative success in getting the cases under control. However, an increase in cases over the past couple of weeks has seen new restrictions added to visitors traveling to the commonwealth. Last week, Governor Charlie Baker announced new travel requirements. Travelers from out of the state have been asked to self-quarantine since March, but the new rules say failure to [...]

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How to celebrate July 4th at home

July 4th, American’s most iconic holiday, is fast approaching. While COVID-19 rates in the states are still increasing, Massachusetts is slowly opening up, leaving many residents unsure of how to spend America’s birthday. We’ve pulled together a few fun ways to bring the Independence Day celebrations to your own home. If you usually spend the holiday with friends and family who are spread far, why not organize a family event day [...]

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Here’s the latest on COVID-19 restrictions in Massachusetts

As of last week, Massachusetts has entered the second phase of its four-phase reopening plan. “This terrible virus and the terrible toll that it takes will be with us until there are medical breakthroughs with respect to treatments or vaccines,” Governor Charlie Baker said. “But thanks to your hard work and your sacrifices, we’re bringing the fight to the virus and we’re moving forward, and Massachusetts is continuing to reopen.” What [...]

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How to celebrate Father’s Day from home

Father’s Day is fast approaching. How are you celebrating the dads in your life? While lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting, the safest — and most stress-free — way to spend the day is at home, while socially distancing. We’ve written up a mini guide on some fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day 2020, whether you’re with your dad at home, or sending love from afar. Just because you’re spending the day with [...]

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The best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home

Mother’s Day is here! And it certainly looks a lot different than most. Luckily for us all, Mother’s Day is a great day to spend at home. Whether you’re spending today at home with your mother or want to celebrate her from afar, we’ve pulled together a few fun and creative ways to spend the day, and let your mother know how much you appreciate her. If you’re spending the day [...]

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How Bostonians are celebrating essential workers through COVID-19

Watching the news during the coronavirus pandemic can be stressful, anxiety-provoking, and dizzying with all the new information, facts, and figures out daily. While trying to stay up-to-date on the latest, it can be easy to miss stories of hope and celebration — and in Boston, a city rife with tight-knight communities, there are many worth noting. Here are some of the most heartwarming stories of Bostonians honoring essential workers during [...]

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Boston-area charities and nonprofits accepting donations during COVID-19

While, of course, many people are not in the fortunate position to donate money during the ongoing pandemic, some are receiving their stimulus checks and looking for a verified nonprofit to support. There are plenty in the Boston area, and we’ve rounded up a few that are legitimate, support your local area, and will make sure the donations go far. The Greater Boston Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in [...]

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How to support your local area during COVID-19

The constant news cycle regarding the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling anxious and worried not only for the health of ourselves and our loved ones, but also the cities and towns we live in. There are a number of ways you can continue to support your local area during COVID-19 while keeping yourself safe. While the pandemic seems to have hit almost every corner of business, restaurants are [...]

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Are you an essential worker? Let us drive so you can rest

Times are certainly stressful. With COVID-19 quickly spreading throughout the Northeast, that leaves many unsure of how to travel safely, and many essential workers, such as those operating buildings, firefighters, first responders, government workers, and more, under immense pressure. Last week, we posted a message to our customers about COVID-19. In our message, we announced our extra precautionary sanitary measures, including using bleach-based disinfectant wipes in each vehicle after every ride. [...]

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