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Top New Year’s resolutions for 2019

Posted On: 12/31/2018

Every year around New Years, many take the time to reflect on the year they’re leaving behind, and what new habits they’d like to pick up going forward. Exercising more, getting a promotion, eating more vegetables — many resolutions look pretty similar. We’ve come up with our own resolutions which we think are worth actually sticking to.

First, instead of focusing on losing weight, try instead to make resolutions that are more specific. For example, for the New Year, make a promise to yourself that you’re going to go on an hour walk every morning, or join a club sport. Focusing on fun activities can put a positive spin on getting healthy. Social activities like group sports can make getting active something worth sticking to.

Second, get to know where you live. Take a different route to work or school. Spend weekends exploring new neighborhoods, visit a new restaurant every Friday night, and go where you’ve never been. It doesn’t need to be time consuming — small changes to your every day routine can make a huge difference, and shed a new light on an old and familiar place. It’s also easy to combine this with plans to get healthy! Try a sports club on the other side of town, or create a jogging route through a path you don’t know.

Third, after you get to know where you live, promise yourself you’ll travel more. And trips don’t need to be big — weekend excursions to nearby towns and cities can be affordable and done within a day or two. If you’re based in New England, or plan on traveling to the area, there are thousands of beautiful little towns worth checking out with a wealth of historical and cultural sites and institutions to visit. Even if you’re visiting for business, short spontaneous trips nearby can turn a drab to trip to a fun one.

No matter what New Year’s resolutions you plan to make, make sure you turn them into something enjoyable — starting with your New Year’s Eve! It’s not too late to make your plans for the big night — act fast, and you can get 10% off New Year’s Eve transportation with GO Boston. We have a fleet of stylish and comfortable vehicles for groups of all sizes. Happy 2019!

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