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Haunted Houses in Boston

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The Top 3 Haunted Houses and Tours in Boston

Posted On: 10/22/2018

Halloween is right around the corner! Trick-or-treating might be for children, but there are plenty of ghoulish holiday activities for families and adults, that are sure to be scarily fun for people of all ages. Haunted house visits and tours, for example, are a great activity for groups of friends, families, or on a work outing. As one of the country’s oldest cities, Boston is a particularly spooky place to hunt for haunted experiences. Be careful — these haunted houses and tours are so good you might be convinced they’re real.

One of the city’s most well-known haunted tours is the one hosted by Ghosts and Gravestones. While the tour is offered year-round, October is undoubtedly the best time to take the tour. Travel back in time on a traditional-style trolley bus, and explore the city’s real, hidden history by night. No matter if you’re a scaredy cat or a gorehound, Ghosts and Gravestones’ website has a ghost-meter that will let you know how terrifying each tour is, from scariness of content to how much each experience will make you jump. No matter how stormy the night gets, the tour goes on! Be sure to make your reservations soon.

If you’re willing to venture just outside of the city, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington is just 19 miles from Boston. A visit to Barrett’s is always a spooky experience, but for two nights a year — on October 20th and 27th — the house has “Darkness Unleashed,” which means the entire place is submerged in complete darkness, and creatures wander around unleashed. This experience is not for the faint of heart — you must be 18 years old to enter and need to sign a waiver beforehand. If you’re too late for “Darkness Unleashed,” Barrett’s regular nights promise a spooky experience as well. Make sure to book soon!

For those who want to be isolated in nature for a truly terrifying experience, Witch’s Woods offer the creepy experience for you. Just 29 miles from the big city in Westford, take a walk through the woods, where you’re sure to meet some horrifying creatures, spirits, and magical mischiefs. Be sure to dress warm and steel yourself for a scary night!

All the above experiences require reservation, so make sure to book soon! No matter how you decide to celebrate, stock up on candy, wear your most gruesome costume, and get in the spooky spirit! GO Boston has the fleet to get you where you need to go this Halloween season. Act fast and book your ride ASAP.

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