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Spring break is right around the corner — are you ready?

Posted On: 02/11/2019

Every year, thousands of students fly in and out of Boston Logan Airport in March and April to get to their spring break destinations. With plenty of students in and around the Boston metropolitan area, there will be plenty of traffic around the airport in the coming months. Make sure you book your travel reservations soon, and until then, check out this guide to keeping your spring break stress-free.

Choose the location that’s right for you. It may sound too obvious to consider, but don’t go where everyone expects you too. Want a party destination, or would you rather a relaxing break on the beach? Would you prefer somewhere hot and tropical or a city? Think ahead of time what you want to get out of your spring break, and plan its destination accordingly. Once you figure this out, you’ll be able to find like-minded friends and travel companions.

There are plenty of things to book before you travel — and accommodation and travel are just two of them. Do you want to go on any tours? Dine at any exclusive restaurants? Visit any museums or cultural centers? Many of these things require booking far in advance, especially if you’re visiting a particularly popular spring break location. This sort of planning will also help you organize the rest of your trip, and while you won’t want to overplan, it should help you think of budget and timing practically.

Also, stay safe. Visit parties, but stay well-rested and hydrated. Sleep on the beach, but don’t forget your sunscreen and hat. Spend some quality time resting alone, but always keep in touch with people and let them know your location. Get to know locals and new people, but stay wary and careful of situations you may put yourself in.

Last but not least, have fun! GO Boston is prepared to help you and your party start, and end, your spring break as comfortably and safely as possible. Our fleet is well-equipped to transport parties of all sizes, so you and your friends needn’t fend for yourselves. Book now, and receive a 10% student discount, and we’ll help you get your spring break started.

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