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Ruined Roads

CBS Local

Ruined Roads?

Posted On: 03/30/2015

As winter comes to a close and the snow and ice melt from our streets, the dreaded potholes have begun to rear their ugly heads. As every Commonwealth driver's worst nightmare, it seems like you can find potholes on just about any patch of pavement these days - and after this winter, it only looks to get worse.

So just how bad are our roads? The Boston Globe’s Evan Horowitz recently penned a piece that sheds some light on the current conditions, usage, and budget for our roadways. Here are some of his more eye-opening points:

  1. Massachusetts has the 5th most used roads in the country.
  2. The state spends $2.5 billion per year on upkeep of roads and bridges, or 0.6% of our state economy.
  3. On average, the state spends 5 cents on roads and bridges per each mile traveled by drivers each year.
  4. Most roads in the state are actually categorized as being in moderate to fair condition.
  5. Horowitz estimates that Mass is underfunding our road and bridge maintenance by about $1 billion dollars.

So it appears our roads might not be as bad as we think. And while $2.5 billion dollars per year might sound like a lot, imagine what another $1 billion could do?

After such a long, cold winter, we can look forward to some unusually poor road conditions this spring. While Massachusetts’ road and bridge maintenance budget may cover some of these repairs, we wouldn’t take any chances – avoid those potholes at all costs!

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