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Pros & Cons: Boston's Record-Breaking Winter

Posted On: 03/05/2015

The past few months have been a quite eventful for the Boston area. Snow, ice, sleet, and a winter unlike any other have left many residents with a serious case of the seasonal blues. Of course, we like to look for the positives whenever we can - which is why we put together a quick list of pros and cons for Boston residents. Cheer up, it could be worse!


Snow days aren't just for the kids anymore

When there’s several feet of the powder in your driveway and the highway looks more like Canada than Cambridge, your boss will probably understand if you can’t make it in.


Beware email avalanches

If you can’t work from home, just wait until you open your email inbox after a few days out of the office. Be prepared to spend at least half your day sorting through all the new messages.


A great excuse to get away

With over 100 inches of snow having fallen in Boston this winter, we think it’s safe to say that’s more than enough reason to book a trip to somewhere slightly warmer.


Getting away might be tough

Don’t bank on making it to the beach anytime soon – there's a distinct possibility you may spend the majority of your vacation on the tarmac at Logan.


Staying healthy is second nature

Shoveling is a good workout – especially when you do it for three hours straight!


Say goodbye to your furniture

After all, you have to put something in that hard-earned parking space to keep other drivers away.


Adventure is closer than ever...

Who needs a two-hour drive to the White Mountains when you can ski down Beacon Hill instead?


…but so are natural hazards

Make sure to keep an eye out for yetis as you cruise the city streets (although they might be nicer than they look!)

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