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Fenway Park

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How to Spend a Day at Fenway Park

Posted On: 07/17/2018

Fenway Park is an extremely historical place in Boston, home to the Green Monster and the oldest Baseball Stadium in America. Fenway Park is in the heart of Boston, right in Kenmore Square. If you’re headed to Fenway start with a shuttle service! Parking in this area can get very limited and is usually a hassle and can get very expensive – sometimes $30.00 an hour. So, skip the hassle of parking and driving and have a GO Boston Shuttle pick you up!

The adventure of Fenway first begins outside of Fenway; in Kenmore Square there are lots of things to see and amazing food to eat. Kenmore Square is home to the world famous (or infamous) CITGO sign that stands tall and is a staple of the city, letting Bostonians know where they are! To get the full feel of Fenway Park spend a little time walking around Kenmore Square eating the local street food and getting discount T-Shirts from local vendors!

When you get inside the park whether you’re on a tour or there to see a game, remember the rich history of Fenway, and take yourself back in time a little bit. Fenway Park is very unique as it has a couple of things that make it stand out from other parks. Fenway Park is notorious for having bright green seats but one of them is painted red and no one really knows why!

While you’re spending your day at Fenway park make sure to grab some food from the local vendors that are in Fenway. Though the food might be a little bit pricier than regular street food you won’t regret it!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Green Monster and book a GO Boston Shuttle for all of your Fenway needs!

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