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Cambridge Brewing

Boston's Best Breweries

Posted On: 03/25/2015

Boston Magazine recently released a comprehensive list of their top breweries in New England. Having experienced a resurgence of public interest in recent years, brew tours and tastings have become a big hit – particularly in the Boston area. We narrowed down the list to strictly Massachusetts-area brewers.

Here are a few places worth trying next time you’re in the mood for a cold one. Of course, there are a few notable exceptions (Sorry Sam Adams, we’ve already tried you enough times!)

Boston Magazine’s Best Massachusetts Breweries

  • Cambridge Brewing Company (Cambridge):
    Established in 1989, this Kendall Square brewpub offers great food and, more importantly, free samples of all their best beer varieties.

  • Jack’s Abby Brewing (Framingham):
    Although it only opened it’s doors in 2011, Jack’s Abby is already receiving wide recognition for it’s unique array of beers – Hoponius Union is one you won’t want to miss.

  • Mystic Brewery (Chelsea):
    A sizeable tasting room and occasional tours through the brewery make Mystic more than worth the short ride up Route 1.

  • Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project (Somerville):
    “Pretty Things is an idea, not a brewery”, states the first line of the website. And this is true – while they don’t have their own brewery, the owners travel to Buzzards Bay brewery in Westport to create their own concoctions.

  • Trillium Brewing (Fort Point, Boston) :
    The baby of the group at only 2 years old, Trillium uses barrels from Boston’s own GrandTen and Bully Boy Dsitillers to give their product a unique finish. Well worth a try!

For non-Massachusetts breweries, along with detailed commentary on their top beers, food, and merchandise, check out the full list here

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