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Boston Common

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Boston Travel Tips

Posted On: 08/19/2016

Headed out on a trip to Boston? Whether you’re going on vacation or on business these travel tips can help save you time and money in Boston. Maybe, most important of all, make sure you relax. Traveling to Boston should be as stress-free as possible. Hopefully these travel tips in Boston can help.

Bring Your Own Everything – As long as you can pack it, bring it! Bring your own blanket, travel pillow, sweater, iPod, and headphones.  If you can fit the kitchen sink in your suitcase, you might as well bring it.

Travel in Winter – This is not for the faint of heart and being able to deal with snow is a must, but traveling to Boston in the winter offers the best savings. Hotels and flights in Boston have the best rates and most discounts in January through March.

Pack Light – This may seem like it goes against the bring it yourself philosophy, but the best rule of thumb is to get everything you need into one bag. They key is to be strategic when you pack. For instance, select clothes that can easily mix and match. You may have to experiment to get your suitcase packed just right, so wrinkle free is a must. If you’re traveling to Boston in winter, don’t forget your Parka.

Boston Restaurants – Boston is so much more than great chowder (although the chowder is wonderful). Boston has a budding culinary scene with restaurants from all around the world: Thai, Ethiopian, Moroccan, and more. Check out the North End for great Italian dishes or the South End for its Spanish fare.

Do not Drive (or park) – Not only can Boston drivers be aggressive, but many streets do not have visible street signs, are extremely narrow, or only run one way. The safe thing for tourists to do is to stay off the road. The best options are to use the “T”, walk, or hire a professional car service.

Best Boston Neighborhoods - If you’re looking to explore Boston neighborhoods, check out the North End. It’s Boston’s historic Italian neighborhood. The South End, best known for its Victorian row houses, is a beautiful spot and one often overlooked by tourists. Harvard Square is also a must see for intellectuals and tourists alike.

Alternative Hotels in Boston – There is no need to make the typical hotel arrangements anymore. More and more alternate hotels and B&B’s are available in Boston. You can cut down on costs or even find interesting off the beaten path places to stay. Options include,,, and These may not be for everyone, but great deals are available!

Home of the Red Sox – Word of advice to any baseball fans… leave your Yankee gear at home.

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