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Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon 2018

Posted On: 04/13/2018

Boston Marathon 2018

The Boston Marathon is being held on Monday April 17 – the historical 26-mile race takes place once a year on President’s Day. President’s Day in Boston remembers the start of the Revolutionary War and is a holiday celebrated only by Massachusetts and Maine. The Boston Marathon started in 1897 which makes this the oldest marathon in the country. The Boston Marathon runners put on an amazing display of physical endurance along with superior athletic abilities. The runners have to endure a hill known as Heartbreak Hill, which sits at a whopping 463 feet above sea level. Annually the event draws more than 500,000 spectators just in the city alone – this doesn’t account for the wide spread news coverage either.

Participants of the race must be over 18 years old and must meet certain time standards – however, there are exceptions made each year for charity runners. The charity runners raise about $15 million dollars for charities every year. The marathon is hosted yearly by the Boston Athletic Association and is sponsored mainly by John Hancock. Following the terrorist act of the Boston Bombing there are certain guidelines that spectators must adhere to ensure everyone’s safety. If you’re planning on attending the Boston Marathon this year here are some things you can bring and things you cannot:

What you can’t bring: Backpacks, coolers, coolers on wheels, no glass bottles of any size.

What you can bring: Personal items but they have to be in a clear plastic bag and clear bottles allowed up to 1 liter in size.

Traffic will be tough on the day of the Boston Marathon and will have many road closures – if you’re planning on being a spectator in this historical event save the hassle of finding parking and battling traffic and let Go Boston Shuttle take you there!

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