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Boston Film Festival
Photo Credit: GO Boston Shuttle

Boston Film Festival

Posted On: 08/14/2017

Every early September, film buffs and creative talent from all over the world come to Boston for the annual Boston Film Festival. The festival has been running since 1984, and has occupied an important place in film history. Some of the most critically acclaimed films have premiered here, such The Last Kiss, Deliver Us From Evil, The Ground Truth, and How to Start a Revolution. The 33rd festival is fast approaching, so reserve your tickets now to see the most-anticipated screenings.

The festival operates on a submission basis. Anyone can submit his or her work for a small fee. Some of the best films each year are from no-name directors and up-and-coming talent, so don’t discount a screening just because you don’t recognize the name. The Boston Film Festival has had a hand in elevating some of film’s best talent, which is a part of its mission, so visiting is a chance to take part in film history.

While the schedule is not yet published, check the website beforehand to see when the feature length, documentary, short subject, and animated films are playing. The Boston Film Festival also offers audiences first-hand access to behind-the-scenes of moviemaking. Most film screenings have accompanying panels and question-and-answer sessions with directors and actors alike. There are also a number of awards handed out at the festival, such as Best Film, Performance, Documentary, and Lifetime Achievement.

Join the crowds next month, and don’t forget to book your transportation to and from the venue with GO Boston!

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