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Save on holiday travel with 10% off

Posted On: 12/15/2018

We’re in the final countdown to Christmas, and you know what that means — finalizing holiday parties, travel plans, and last minute gift shopping. Have you made your travel reservations yet? Believe it or not, holiday travel doesn’t need to be stressful, and we’ve made a quick guide to show you how.

Holiday Lights
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The best holiday traditions in New England

Posted On: 12/11/2018

In December, New England certainly looks the part for the holidays — icicles, snow, frozen streams, and snow-capped mountains. There’s no better place to spend the holiday season, and there are plenty of local offerings to get you in the spirit. Here are a few of our very favorite things to do during the Hanukkah and Christmas seasons.

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The best places to ice skate in New England

Posted On: 12/03/2018

Whether you’re a hockey player or figure skater, beginner or seasoned pro, New England has some of the most charming and magical ice skating rinks in the country. We’ve rounded up our very favorites outdoor spots to glide away into winter.

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GO Boston's City Guide to Cambridge

Posted On: 11/27/2018

Perhaps you’ve seen one of the many movies filmed in Cambridge, or you’re curious about Harvard or MIT, or you just want to walk around a beautiful part of the city. Regardless of your reason for wanting to visit Cambridge, you’re sure to find a neighborhood full of student cafes, historic sites, cozy bars, delicious restaurants, curious bookshops, great shopping, and so much more. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite things to do in Cambridge, in any season.

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The best winter weekend getaways in New England

Posted On: 11/20/2018

December is right around the corner, and you know what that means — New England is getting cold. Snow is coming, scarves and hats are on, and hot drinks are an imperative. While you may be mourning the loss of the summer heat, there are still many things to do in the Northeast – sledding, skiing, and exploring charming towns and villages are just a few of them. We have pulled together a few of our very favorite places to escape to during the winter months.

Thanksgiving in Boston
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What to do on Thanksgiving weekend

Posted On: 11/12/2018

You’ve probably already begun preparing — travel plans made, dinner recipes decided, and guests confirmed. But after the turkey is eaten, the Macy’s Day Parade is over, and the small talk has run out, what are you going to do on Thanksgiving weekend? We’ve pulled together a few of the best ways to keep you and your guests busy over the holiday weekend, no matter your group’s age or size.

Go Boston Shuttle
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Travel Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

Posted On: 11/05/2018

November is finally here, and we all know what that means — cold weather, hot drinks, and plenty of holidays to plan for. As Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast-approaching, there are several things you’ll need to start thinking about. From where you’re staying to how you’ll get there, we’ve put together a few tips to keep your holidays as stress free as possible.

Fall Festivals & Fun
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Upcoming Festivals & Events

Posted On: 10/29/2018

Boston hosts plenty of events and festivals all year round, but some of our very favorites are in the autumn months. Here are several must-see events coming up within the next few weeks.

Haunted Houses in Boston
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The Top 3 Haunted Houses and Tours in Boston

Posted On: 10/22/2018

Halloween is right around the corner! Trick-or-treating might be for children, but there are plenty of ghoulish holiday activities for families and adults, that are sure to be scarily fun for people of all ages. Haunted house visits and tours, for example, are a great activity for groups of friends, families, or on a work outing.

The Best Places to See Fall Color

Posted On: 10/12/2018

New England is known for many things — clam chowder, passionate sports fans, and, most famously, a gorgeous autumn. Every fall the fall foliage arrives, and the trees begin to change to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. If you’re traveling to New England in the coming months for business or pleasure, here are a few of the best places to take in the fall colors — all within a driving distance from Boston!

Boston College Football
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Ready for Some College Football?

Posted On: 09/28/2018

The college football season is in full swing, as powerhouse schools and hopeful future draft prospects battle it out each week in a quest for league dominance. The Boston area is home to two strong college contenders: Harvard and Boston College. Go Boston Shuttle can keep your fan energy at a constant 10 by alleviating the stress of making it to the game.

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Cruise travel in Boston

Posted On: 09/04/2018

Taking a cruise out of Boston harbor? We have a number of transportation services to get you to and from your cruise ship, safely and right on time for the start of your journey, whether it’s from Boston Harbor, or any other waterways in the area.

Fall Festival
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2018 Fall Festivals

Posted On: 08/27/2018

New England is infamous for its seasons. You know — crisp weather, red and orange leaves, hats, scarves, sweaters, and more. While it means the end of summer, there’s no reason to be sad. There are plenty of cozy and family-friendly festivals and events perfect for welcoming in autumn. Grab your friends and family, some hot chocolate, and plan your next weekend in New England!

September Concerts 2018
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September Concerts in Boston

Posted On: 08/23/2018

Boston is a fantastic place to see live music. Concerts in Boston feature some of the most well known music acts in the world! Are you ready to preview some of the best upcoming concerts in Boston for the month of September? Plan ahead, choose your transportation wisely and have a great time!

Spend a Day in Back Bay
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How to Spend a Day in Boston’s Back Bay

Posted On: 07/27/2018

The surrounding towns started giving dirt to fill it in which made it into what is now known as Back Bay – if you’re planning on traveling to Boston and wind up staying in the Back Bay or you live near Boston and want some travel inspiration we’ve got you covered! Make your day or night out even better by booking a GO Boston Shuttle!

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